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Founded in 2005 Probashi Bangla development Ltd. (PBDL) is registered private limited company, the company is sponsored, administered and financed solely by probashi Bangladeshi (NRB). PBDL is the dream of probashi Bangladeshi, its aims are to contribute and participate in the economic development of the country, providing quality apartments, plots, farm house, establish links with attractive tourist places or spots and building up of hotels, resort etc. Creation of job opportunity for jobless, PBDL is a registered member of REHAB and enlisted with RAJUK.

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Probashi Bangla is one of the best developer company in Bangladesh. There are many land which are not developed properly and land owner will not manage their property. Probashi Bangla provide the solution for all.

Our Vision

The ratio of population and land does not commensurate in our country, in addressing the acute need for extensive housing PBDL has focused on building range of apartments and commercial complexes crafted to suit the need of communities, formation of agro based industry, ensure tourism movement, buildup resort city, studio apartment, hotels, villa's to the most attractive places, the company constantly strives to maintain confidence of its valued associates, PBDL is the professional, faithful, trusted icon of national economy.


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